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Dare Sohei


Hello, blessings to you and all your relations

I help guide clients in the repair of their inherited patterns of relational and cultural wounding that are held in body, mind, and soul.

I draw on long years of soulwork, including lineages of nature-based ritual, expressive arts, somatics, peer counseling, dialogue facilitation, grief, and chronic illness processes.

This is personal healing through a cultural, ecological, and relational lens that bears witness to the larger systemic harms facing humanity and our more-than-human kin.

Repairing and Reclaiming a nurturing relationship with our blood ancestry is a personal level antidote to many of our persistent modern troubles. I speak with conviction about this because I've seen it again and again, and I continue to experience it in my own life.

My personal why begins in 1979, a child of French, Swiss, Puerto Rican and Spanish parents. A traumatic childhood spiraled into many of the difficult patterns for a person with adverse childhood experiences.
Through the ugly twists and heartbreaking turns, my personal quest for redemption was based on the glaring absence of the one thing that a human needs more than anything else to regulate their internal sense of self, safety and sanity: healthy relational Belonging.

We know things are deeply wounded. 

We've largely lost our connections -- to the wild world, to our inner worlds, and to our ancestors.

Especially in hyper-individualist western culture, where we view death as failure and disappearance, the loss of our connection to our ancestry makes us more likely to use our privileges as weapons in our hunger for a sense of wellness.

Trauma and all its many branches are at the tip of our tongues. Neuroscience has begun to finally listen to and prove what nature-based cultures have known and practiced.  Practiced in direct resistance to the murder and exile forced upon them by already traumatized cultures. 

Using a combination of these ancient approaches to re-connection and radical self-care practices is what allows me to say: there are soul reclaiming actions you can begin to heal these absences and illnesses where they live, stuck, in your body and in your relationships.

We can decolonize ourselves, and through us, heal our culture. Ancestral Healing is a path towards social and earth justice, to a felt sense of wellness and belonging that for many, seems unimaginable.

I dare you to imagine.