Animist Counseling

What is Animist Counseling?

Animist Counseling is about relating to the world and all the many beings in the world, in ways that are good for everyone (not just living humans).

It is an all-our-relations model of behaving, meaning that we consciously address our complete interconnectedness with all ecosystems and species, with all forms of energy and matter, including our dead ancestors.

Animist Counseling is inherently a zero-bypass methodology that is anti-racist, anti-oppressive and anti-capitalist.


While everyone has a unique process that unfolds over time, here are some way-markers that repeat themselves in the work.

The process is:

  • client-centered, but counselor-led

  • based in somatic inquiry (learning to ask and receive communication through bodily felt sense)

  • rooted in consent, equity, and compassionate high regard

  • emergent - meaning that we will go into uncertainty together to discover new experiences

  • held in ritual containers involving prayer, intention and greater-than-human forces

  • grounded in functional everyday magick


These are some of the effects/outcomes of working with me and this model of counseling:

  • Increased nervous system resiliency, personal empowerment and capacity to handle distress.

  • Heal the effects of Ancestral, Inter-generational Trauma.

  • Heal the effects of relational traumas that occurred to you in this lifetime.

  • Build better relationships across the board in all directions.

  • Improved embodiment including increased sensation and emotional range.

  • Learning to shift your emotional state AT WILL.

  • Uncovering and discovering your own personal cosmology that works together with the Earth.

  • Develop secure attachment relationships.

  • Greater connection with the more-than-human world.

  • Move with loss, pain, grief, rage and death in life-affirming ways.

  • Healthier ways to deal with interpersonal conflict.

  • Useful processes that you can use on your own, anytime to quiet anxiety, soothe depression and feel more alive.

  • Improve outcomes for yourself and your clients with non-appropriative animist ritual processes.

  • Heal internalized oppressions such as fragility, toxic gender conditioning, co-dependency, colonization, ancestral amnesia.

  • Be a better ally - understand how to interrupt racism and hatred safely, deal with microaggressions and resist fascist policies.

Affinities & Influences

  • Trauma-informed Somatic (Body-based) Counseling

  • Liberatory (anti-racism, anti oppression) Political & Philosophical Framework

  • Animist/indigenous principles, values, ethics and behaviors

  • Expressive and Performance Arts disciplines

  • Radical Experiential Educational processes

  • Cultural Somatics - click to learn more