Doorways into the work

While each person's way towards healing is unique, here are some frameworks that I've found to be helpful for feeling into and thinking about this sacred challenge of healing.
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Resiliency & Empowerment Counseling

From an animist frame with a focus on embodiment, together we help you towards a stable foundation in nervous system regulation, releasing and healing stored patterns from relational harm, and restoring healthy relationships on many levels.

The techniques here arise from my decades of dealing with and healing chronic illness, attachment trauma, childhood developmental trauma, neurodivergence, performance and expressive arts, radical self-care, eco-psychology and inner journey work.


Ancestral Healing & Racial-Cultural Justice

This piece of the work centers on reconnecting and repairing our relationships with our ancestral lineages.

Using a somatic and slow process we enter this doorway into ongoing, healthy, present-time relations with our ancient, bright & well ancestors, in order to bring about healing for our as-yet unhealed dead and the inherited family patterns held in our bodies, minds, and souls.

This leads us to doing our part in healing larger cultural wounds that show up in our social spheres. This is racial justice from a transformative justice framework.


Ritual Design

Rooted in earth honoring lifeways, together we design rituals and sacred actions for better relationships with the more-than-human world.

Some themes might include: grief, death & dying, healthy transitions, making pacts with the Land and native spirits of Place, and coming into wellness with All Your Relations.

Work in this pathway arises from my relationship with sacred, earth-honoring, non-appropriative animist practices, the neuroscience of mindfulness and ecstatic trance states, biopsychosocial principles of wellbeing, and my professional work as a performer-creator in circus, theater and dance.