Ancestral Healing and the Crisis of Modern Masculinity

An initiatory workshop in working with the ancestors for healing intergenerational trauma

This workshop is trauma-informed, resiliency-rooted, and consent-centric.


Taught in a community process model, we will decolonize the common educational frame with equity-informed, consent-centric language and behaviors. We make agreements around healthy boundaries and confidentiality to ensure the trust and bravery of each person in the room.

We guarantee ample time for sharing, reflection and dialogue.


First hour, opening prayer, check in’s and historical dialogue: How We Got Here and Naming the Crisis

Second hour: How to Work With The Ancient Ancestral Fathers, experiential practices and sharing, q & a and “where do we go from here?”


Our goal is to build a Circle of Support with anyone who identifies as male and/or as being raised male, (including straight, gay, queer, bi, etc) cis, trans, and non-binary people who identify as or were raised male -- that want to:

Learn how to become technically savvy in practicing and speaking about healing intergenerational patterns
Do this work in community
Embody their Core Values
Work directly with their well Ancestors and the Earth


Donations to the space (Tryon Farm) and for the facilitators kindly accepted - we would love to at least be able to give Tryon 50$ for use of the space.

Please schedule time to arrive a bit earlier than 7 to get situated so we can start clearly together. 
Text dare at 4154251362 for any last minute questions on parking/directions.


Dare Sohei (they/them) is an earth-honoring animist queer mixed race person with light skin color and male body privileges currently residing on the unceded land of the Multnomah and Clackamas peoples in a place called Portland, Or.
A former professional dancer and theater maker and current Ancestral Medicine and somatic resiliency practitioner working in the threshold of personal, cultural and earth healing.
They are also engaged in ongoing training with Resolutions Northwest in the areas of equity, diversity and Transformational Justice.
A childhood abuse survivor with a high ACEs score, auto-immune and chronic pain disorders, and neurodivergency, they speak from a lived experience of intersectional and diverse/mixed identities.

Their website is

Ian Mae is an ecosexual herbalist, a licensed body worker, peer counselor, a feminist and a queer, poly, genderfluid PAMP (person with access to male privilege) of European descent who has several years of experience participating in and facilitating transformational men's circles in the Portland area. At Surrender 2017 Mae was wedded into sacred marriage to Earth. He has a magical background in Reclaiming Witchcraft, as well as the Northern Mysteries and works closely with the Runes as ancestral guides and teachers. He believes that men working together to heal themselves and each other is a critical step on the journey towards collective liberation.

Both Ian and Dare will be facilitating multi-day pathworks at this years ecosolstice summer event at orcas island!
more info at