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Anti-racist focused ancestral healing - hope, rage & grief for the liberation of all beings

For many white people and people with white bloodlines, racism isn't a conscious process. It's an unconscious, yet very active process. A process that renders you complicit, an accessory to murder, and you're not alone in this complicity.

One of the hurdles in healing from white supremacist privilege is being able to name that complicity, and actively working to dismantle your unearned privileges. Here we can think of privileges as the actions and behaviors that we rely on when we don't have a better option to meet our true needs and desires.

Connection, support, belonging and respectful, mutually consensual love are all true needs that we have as humans. These needs are often consistently unmet in our violent, racist society for both white and POC, although how these absences appear often look different.

Anti-racist ancestral healing can help meet those needs and replace our addictions to privilege and oppression. It's much less likely that we will engage in shadow behaviors like denial, ignorance, manipulation, resentment, exotification, white fragility and spiritual bypass when we have repaired our relationships with our ancestors.

Imagine walking into your workplace, your next social gathering, or your next protest with a full felt sense of your ancestors having your back? With your ancestors giving you intelligent advice? With a feeling of consistent belonging, with a feeling of earned and humble support?

All of this is possible and more by tending to your ancestral relationships.

It's really difficult to feign ignorance when your kitchen table is being used by your radical white ancestors bemoaning and empathizing with the very real plight of your POC neighbors. It's really hard to feel ineffective toxic shame when you and your healthy, well and ancient ancestors have transformed your colonial ghosts into repentant supporters of racial justice. It's difficult to appropriate POC culture when you have a thriving connection to your deep ancestral wisdoms and practices that pre-date colonialism and empire.

It's difficult to feel disempowered when you recover and reclaim your ancestral lineage's blessings and gifts and purpose in the world.

The problem with trauma is that it multiplies itself. There has to be help to interrupt this self-replicating process. Otherwise the unwell ghosts in your lineage will still be feeding on your life energy, enhancing your inherited tendencies towards self-sabotage and disconnection.

How can I be so sure of what I'm saying? Because I lived it.

I am a mixed race kid who was raised white, and for over 30 years i battled my lineage's ghosts as they tore my life down over and over. I tried so many approaches, trying to find the right combination of practices that would alleviate my symptoms. Many of these worked to some degree, such as somatics, mindfulness, and ancestral foodways. But it wasn't deep enough, especially when I kept coming across activated relational trauma in my interpersonal life. Then I finally was able to hold ancestral healing and within a year, my entire life shifted, and continues to shift in positive directions.

As I've seen for myself, my colleagues and my clients, ancestral healing works to deal with the root causes of our attachment traumas, our family-of-origin traumas, in ways that typical, white colonizer models of healing are unwilling and unable to address. Part of the transaction our white ancestors had to make to survive was the loss and amnesia of their connection to their healthy ancestors and ancestral healing practices. They traded connection and belonging for unearned privilege and oppression over other cultures and peoples. This loss and amnesia reiterates itself via racism throughout our systems of government, our public institutions, and our interpersonal relationships.

Addressing our ancestral, historical and racialized intergenerational trauma is a direct path toward healing and remembering who we were, who we are and who we might be, in effective solidarity with the most oppressed and marginalized people of the world. White people and those with white lineages are traumatized and in that trauma perpetuate the trauma of others. It's time to stop, and it's time to stop pretending that there isn't a reliable way to do this work.

Give yourself this gift. Give everyone the gift of you doing your ancestral healing and being able to show up in good ways for the good of all our relations.

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Sincerely, Dare

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