Online Course


Learn fundamentals of ancestral healing in a trauma-informed somatic framework

Combining liberatory anti-oppression & indigenous/animist principles & practices

Designed for beginners and those who have more experience

Open to all genders and ethnicities

Course Details:

  • Access to a google drive with all recordings, documents and extra materials

  • Minimum of 4 live zoom calls - group ritual, process, q & a, debriefs

  • One 60 minute private session to be used up to two months after the course ends

My Story of Why:

This course is a way for me to honor the complex troubles we are in, and share the practices that I’ve found that produce a sense of healthy connection with life. I map out four areas of relationship that we humans can connect with that increase our stress tolerance, sense of bravery and directly address the various collective traumas that we have inherited.

These areas are Body, Earth, Ancestors and Spirit.

Through a somatic, trauma-informed lens, we’ll approach practices of connecting with the various beings and relationships in these four realms and nourishing our nervous systems with positive resources we can call on in everyday life. Magick is not un-natural, magick is biological life itself. We are dealing with restoring, reclaiming and re-membering/re-embodying our human-ancestral-relational gifts from the ongoing effects of violent colonization.

This is grief work, this is trauma work, and most importantly this is enlivening work. This is a way to bridge personal and cultural healing.

The course is held within a Nurturance model that asks the body and soul “what is needed to proceed?” This course will offer various skills to creatively engage with, as well as group process and ritual, in order to meet participants where they are, and help you become more resourced to move towards more agency and more responsibility.

My Bio:

My name is Dare, my pronouns are they/them, and my ancestors are Afro-Taino (indigenous Caribbean) and European Spanish, French and Swiss.

I come from a long history of trauma - abuse, poverty, addiction, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, chronic illnesses, diseases & pain - that I have worked on healing for over a decade. I was raised and conditioned as a white male into a harmful white supremacist capitalist society and essentially isolated, fending off my numerous and continual trauma symptoms. Beginning with somatics and massage therapy in my mid-20s, my path moved through many disciplines (dance, theater, martial arts, expressive arts, anti-racism/anti-oppression facilitation, indigenous ritual, trauma science) finally emerging into the Liberatory Animist practice it is today.

Recently I had a falling out with a prominent spiritual healing organization because of institutional racism, which leads me to this offering. I want to share with you a way to heal trauma, (personal, ancestral and cultural) that fully recognizes the agency and personhood of all life, including the dead - a way of relating that our ancient ancestors lived by, and one that we can reclaim and apply to our current global crises.

What I am offering with this course is ancestral healing that is deeply rooted in somatic therapy and nervous system regulation, as well as anti-racism and anti-oppression practices.

To read more about the counseling work I do that informs this course:

Special thanks to Tada Hozumi (cultural somatics) for support and collaboration. Their website is

Email with any questions - there will be at least one live FB live or zoom call before May 15th to talk, connect and ask questions.

I am designing this course with emergent flexibility in mind and have left room in the design process for the emergent needs of the participants, which may include additional modules such as affinity sessions for POC, etc.

Course Framework

Becoming anti-racist/anti-oppressive doesn't happen with better facts, more accurate history lessons, or capitalistic delusions about equity and inclusion.

Racism and oppression are traumas that live in bodies seen and unseen, in nervous systems that extend through us into culture via our inherited ancestral patterns.

The unseen world of the troubled dead is present, here and now as trauma, in human and cultural bodies and, most importantly, the behaviors of those bodies.

Oppression becomes liberation through behavioral transformation. Liberation is a spiritual embodiment practice.

Our bodies crave the very thing that trauma prevents us from having: nourishing relationships with each other, the more-than-human world and the unseen realms of the dead in present time.

The system I am offering here allows our nervous system to co-regulate with more resourced relationships in order to move stuck trauma by distributing traumatic energy. This is also known as secure attachment, though in this system we are not limited to developing secure attachment relationships with only living humans.

This system is a skill-based martial dance that draws from animist understandings of relationality, receptivity and respect.

One of the key aspects of the system is that it allows the practitioner to access more agency and responsibility in dealing with the racist and oppressive ancestral patterns and ancestors that embodied those patterns, as well as the harmful effects those ancestors absorbed, whether they were perpetrator, victim, or some combination.

I know first hand what it's like to live as a descendant of both colonizer and colonized, of oppressor and oppressed, as an indigenous person of color and as a white person, as a non-binary person raised as a male with male privilege.

The truth of trauma in the body is complex and uncomfortable to approach and thus the baseline of this system is learning how to sit with discomfort in animist and empowering ways. Without learning these skills, our behavioral reactions to stressful life situations will default to racism, bias and oppression towards ourselves and each other.

Imagine for a moment, in a way that feels safe for you, a future where you are so rooted and supported that when an ancestral trauma or ghost arises, you have the capacity to see it clearly, to respond with compassion and responsibility in a way that allows more options to become available.

That when you encounter racism and oppression in your day to day life, you can summon this ability at will, and shift the direction of the situation via your resilience and anti-fragility.

A tricky quality of collective traumas is that they become cultural and personal norms. Blindspots.

These trauma based blindspots become avenues to potential resource once we have enough nourishment, support and skill to be able to handle what lies beyond their protective deflection.

The troubled dead are right here in human and cultural bodies waiting for a kind of grief, truth and reconciliation process that their traumatic natures push away.

To become the kind of person with enough internal skill and support to be able to hold the space for that kind of process - for yourself, your ancestors and your community - is what this work is about.

Addressing interpersonal harm during the process of healing systemic oppression
Often our more marginalized members of society (POC, women, queer, disabled, etc) are exposed to relational harms and retraumatization as the more privileged members of society work to behave more equitably. This reality is often communicated in such ways as “black pain for white gain/learning”, or various issues of unfair emotional labor.

This is why affinity groups and private spaces are necessary during the long process of unlearning and relearning how best to be together in the troubles. However, affinity spaces alone are not a comprehensive answer to this issue.

This course addresses this issue in a number of ways that I’d like to articulate now.

Titration, filters and containers
During the first few group processes, there will be no overt group sharing around the issues of racism or other oppressions. Instead, these topics will be approached in a carefully titrated way through assigned prompts and foundational liberatory animist and trauma informed practices that allow people to first unpack their own blindspots and conditioning before discussion about charged topics that have potential to activate others.

Any questions that participants have during the course can be delivered directly to me, which i will answer. I will then generalize and anonymize the question in order to build an ongoing group FAQ that is available for the cohort. Titrated discussions based on these topics will be led by me in the spirit of cooperative learning, understanding that internalized oppressions are learned and inherited behaviors that we absorb as a means of survival in a violent, inequitable society.

Understanding the connection between resilience and consent
Something I have repeatedly witnessed in anti-racism/anti-oppression settings is the uneven education of the participants. One consistent feature is lack of awareness around how trauma functions and how communication around the expressions of traumas perpetuate retraumatization.

A further consequence of this is people being overly hesitant to share because of fear of harming others, or fear of critical feedback of their behaviors. All of these factors can be remedied by increasing secure attachment, use of consent-based communication and overall resiliency through the foundational practices of this course.

Affinity groups, private sessions and other negotiable options
If the course process demands it, we will schedule group affinity group calls to discuss difficult topics inside consensual ritual containers. Afterwards, if there is request for a whole group discussion, this will take place at the end of the course after everyone has been through the fundamentals. Since the course package also includes a private session, participants can use this time to further heal these issues in a one on one, brave space.


  • 8 week online course with minimum of 4 group sessions and
    includes one private session to be used before Oct 1st

  • $400 early bird until June 1st

  • $450 after June 1st or two payments of $225/mo

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