For the Land:
To all beings known and unknown, named and unnamed of This Land we are on, we see you and we honor you. Thank you deeply for your true support.

For the Ancestors:
Ancestors of our Ancestors of our Ancestors
Bright and Well Ones
We remember you.
Blessed are the ones who keep the dream of love alive.
Blessed are the ones who protect us.
Blessed are the ones who sing us to life.
Blessed are the ones who carry us home.

We call on you now to help us reconnect and repair our bloodlines.
Please let this be good for All Our Relations.

For Spirit:
Sacred Mother, in you we live, breathe, and have our being.
From you all things emerge, and to you all things return.

We see you.
We remember you.
Thank you.
We love you.

Videos about Ancestral Healing, Ancestral Trauma, and Reclaiming Earth Honoring Ritual Practices

Luisah Teish, an author, storyteller, and priestess of the Ifá/Orisha faith of Yoruba-speaking West Africa and the African Diaspora speaks on Honoring Ancestors.

Decolonizing the mind by Dr. Michael Yellow Bird of Humboldt state university speaking at PSU. Best video i have seen at the intersection of social justice, animism, and neuroscience.

Sangoma priestess
Gogo Ekaye's  "Sick or Gifted?" presentation

Articles about Ancestral Trauma and Animist Core Values

Written by poc

Written by “white” people

Specifically about grieving

Larger reframes//How to Be Animist